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The Importance of Registering your Trademarks: Why you shouldn't get attached to an unregistered brand?

Imagine you have spent months, perhaps years, developing a product or service. You have come up with an attractive name and designed a unique logo. You have invested time, effort, and resources into building your brand. However, in the world of intellectual property law, becoming attached to a brand without having secured its registration first can be a costly mistake.

Why is it important to register your trademark?

Registering your trademark is a crucial step in protecting your investment and ensuring that the fruits of your work and effort are not misappropriated or free ride by others. Here are some fundamental reasons why you should not become attached to a brand until it is registered:

1. Exclusive Rights: In the Mexican intellectual property landscape, on a general rule the first to file an application for registration will have a better right over the mark in fact. Therefore, only by registering your trademark you obtain exclusive rights of using it and preventing others from using o registering a similar or identical mark for the same or related goods or services.

2. Legal Protection Against Conflicts: Without registration, your trademark is not legally protected, which can lead to legal conflicts. If someone else registers a similar mark before you, you may be forced to rebrand, lose brand recognition, and, in the worst-case scenario, pay damages or fines for infringing third parties’ rights.

3. Commercial Value: A registered trademark is a valuable commercial asset. It can increase the value of your business and be used as collateral in business transactions. Furthermore, it facilitates commercial expansion as it is crucial for franchising, for instance.

The Importance of Registering Your Trademark with the Logo

Registering only the brand name is insufficient if you also use a specific logo. The logo is a crucial part of your brand's visual identity and can be distinctive on its own.

Here’s why you should register both the name and the logo:

1. Comprehensive Protection: Registering the logo along with the name ensures complete protection of all distinctive elements of your brand. This prevents others from using not only the name but also any associated graphic designs that might confuse consumers.

2. Brand Strategy: The logo is an essential part of your marketing and branding strategy. By legally protecting it, you ensure that you can build and maintain a consistent image without the risk of others copying or imitating your design.

3. Visual Recognition: Consumers often recognize and trust brands through their logos. A registered logo protects that trust and prevents others from using a similar design to benefit from your reputation and your business’ goodwill.

Use of ®️ and other registered mark indications It is crucial to understand when and how you can use the ®️ and ™️ symbols next to your mark:

®️ Symbol: This symbol is used exclusively for trademarks that have been officially registered. Using it without completing the registration process constitutes an administrative infringement and can lead to legal sanctions. The ®️ symbol indicates that the trademark is registered and protected under intellectual property law and it can be used as a deterring measure against free riders who seek to take advantage of your brand and business success to try to position theirs.

Taking these steps will not only protect your investment but also allow you to build a strong and reliable brand in the market. However, these are general recommendations and as everything in the legal landscape, every case is different and depending on the circumstances and facts around it, the scenario can change.


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